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Mediator Ethics: How they differ from your other profession's rules

How do mediator ethics compare to attorney, therapist or financial professional ethics? Does the law count? Can I talk about the law? What if the parties want to deviate from the law?  What if one party seems to know more than the other?  What if they want to do something really weird? Can I talk to one party alone?  What if one party wants me to keep a secret from the other? What if one party rubs me the wrong way or gives me a bad feeling?  Discuss these situations and more!  Join us to explore the world of mediator ethics.

Live online training: Wed., Sept. 13, 2023

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time

So You Want to Be a Mediator? Making the Paradigm Shift

Often the most difficult thing for a lawyer to do when starting out in mediation is to make the shift from running the show to facilitating a discussion without controlling the outcome.  The best Mediators make this shift and enjoy it!  In fact, many find it rather freeing, but it can be a difficult challenge.  Come explore what is involved and learn how to “Let It Go.”

Live online training: Wed. Oct. 12, 2022

12 PM to 1 PM Pacific Time


“I’ve Got an Idea!” How to Make and Respond to Proposals

Negotiating is a skill that even some attorneys find to be difficult, so it is understandable that clients often have no idea how to effectively make and respond to proposals − especially in  divorce.  This 3 step process keeps clients focused on the “how” and curtails the blame game.  We teach you, so you can teach them! Join us to find out how!

Live online training: Wed, Nov. 9, 2022

12 PM to 1 PM Pacific Time

What the Heck Did They Agree to?? Note Taking for Mediators

How often have you sat down to draft that Agreement after a tough mediation and you look at your notes and can’t figure out what they agreed to?  We’ve been there too! We have developed some techniques and forms to help you out.  Technology can also come to the rescue when you know how to use it.  Explore these techniques in our fun and interactive workshop.  Bring your stories to tell!  We’ll tell ours, if you’ll tell yours!! 

Live Online Training: Wed., Feb. 8, 2023

12:00 PM to 1:30 PM Pacific Time

Parenting Plans 101

The most frequently asked question from all divorcing couples with children is, “What’s the Best Parenting Plan.”  In this workshop for beginning family law professionals and mediators, we review parenting plans, including options for holidays and vacations, as well as pitfalls to avoid in drafting parenting plans.