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Work Your Magic: Use the Caucus Genie

When to Caucus. How to Caucus effectively.  What ethics are involved.  Many mediators are hesitant to caucus, but this can be where the magic happens.  Our 7 step Caucus Genie really works!  Join us to consider caucus in depth. Practice your caucus skills in mock case studies with real time feed back.

The Negotiation Cycle

Do you feel like your clients are going around in circles and getting no where? Are you at a loss as to how to help them?  The unique FRI Negotiation Cycle breaks it down for you and teaches you how the cycle can be used to effectively negotiate through any issue. Understanding the cycle, helps you stay focused and move clients through the process to a successful resolution.  This workshop breaks down each step of the Negotiation Cycle.  You get hands on practice in mock case studies with real time feedback.  Join us for this fun and interactive workshop. Master the Negotiation Cycle!

The Big Rocks: Preparing Your Clients for Settlement

Are your clients butting heads?  Are settlement discussion going no where fast?  One of the blocks to settlement is a fundamental disconnect on the values and goals of the parties.  What if you approached this in a different way?  This workshop teaches you how to help clients identify their shared values and goals early on in the mediation process.  Having an agreed foundation on which to base agreements helps to keep everyone focused when it comes time to consider settlement options during negotiation.  Join us to consider the Big Rocks.