Practical, High Quality Mediation Training

Learn how to resolve any type of conflict through proven mediation techniques and tools. Choose from online mediation training and live, in-person mediation training events. Join others in basic to advanced training that delivers skills you can use immediately.

Upcoming Multi-Day Divorce Mediation Training

Our practial, immersive and fun multi-day divorce mediation training is the centerpiece of our training curriculum.  Learn practical skills to mediate a divorce case from start to finish.  Learn and practice techniques that you can implement immediately to resolve any conflict.

You choose from online introductory, multi-day, and advanced training courses related to resolving divorce, child custody and financial or property conflicts. Our training is a combination of lecture and experiential hands-on practice with immediate feedback from highly experienced mediators, each with over 20 years experience. It is dynamic, immersive and fun.

Mediation Training Webinars, Live Events and Workshops

Introductory Online Mediation Training

woman participating in an online webinar

Not sure about where to begin?  Want to get a taste of what we offer in our multi-day training?  Give us a test-drive in one of our introductory webinars.  Learn more here!

Multi-Day Divorce Mediation Training

woman raising her hand during mediation training workshop

Learn to mediate a divorce from start to finish.  Try the upcoming online Multi-Day Divorce Mediation Training packed with proven, easy to implement solutions.

Advanced Mediation Training

happy participant in a mediation training

Ideal for those who have been mediating in some capacity for a few years and are looking for deeper content.  Sign up for an advanced live event or webinar here.

Comprehensive Mediation Training Courses

At Family Resolution Institute, we offer a variety of mediation training courses designed to suit different levels of experience and areas of interest. Choose from our online introductory courses, multi-day intensive sessions, and advanced training programs. Our courses cover crucial aspects of mediation, including resolving divorce conflicts, child custody disputes, and financial or property issues.

Dynamic and Engaging Learning Experience

Our training programs are a blend of informative lectures and experiential, hands-on practice. You’ll receive immediate feedback from our team of highly experienced mediators, each bringing over 23 years of expertise to the table. The interactive nature of our courses ensures that you are not only learning theoretical concepts but also applying them in real-world scenarios. This approach makes our training dynamic, immersive, and enjoyable.

Tailored Training for Every Need

  • Introductory Courses: Perfect for beginners, these courses provide a solid foundation in mediation principles and practices.
  • Multi-Day Intensive Sessions: For those looking to develop and practice skills, our multi-day sessions offer comprehensive training that dives into comprehensive and interactive mediation scenarios.
  • Advanced Training Programs: Designed for practicing mediation professionals, our advanced programs cover specialized topics and advanced techniques in mediation.

Why Choose Family Resolution Institute for Your Mediation Training?

Our training programs are designed to be practical and applicable, ensuring that you gain the skills needed to excel in your mediation practice. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Expert Instructors: Learn from mediators with decades of experience who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in role-playing, group discussions, and practical exercises that mirror real-life mediation situations.
  • Supportive Environment: Benefit from a fun, supportive learning environment where feedback is constructive and aimed at fostering your growth as a mediator.

Enroll Today

Ready to advance your mediation skills? Explore our range of courses and find the one that’s right for you. Enroll today and take the first step toward becoming a skilled and confident mediator.

Excellent Program to Gain Insight!

"Mediation training that teaches and inspires.  Excellent program to gain insight and learn new skills to help families create a better path to settlement."

C.J., Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Transformed my practice, my perspective and results for my clients!

"Participating in the Family Resolution Institute Mediation Training has transformed my practice, my perspective and results for my clients. This training has given me a deeper understanding of why clients may get stuck, and now I have the skills to facilitate deeper discussions through empathy, patience, and flexibility. The knowledge and skills of the trainers made this training fun and interactive. The role plays allowed me to put my new skills to use and into my practice. Thank you!"

L.W., Mental Health Professional

The Perfect Balance of Teaching and Hands-on Practice!

"This mediation training was fabulous. It was clear, concise, and had the perfect balance of teaching and hands-on practice. For those of us who dread practice and fear failure, they are warm, supportive, encouraging, and non-judgmental. For collaborative professionals, the presenters model teamwork as they balance one another perfectly as needs to happen in a collaborative team. This training was worth every penny and every second spent."

C.C., Mental Health Professional

Instructors are Extremely Knowledgeable!

"I attended the 4-day mediation training in May and have to say it was one of the best experiences I have had in my legal career.  The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and well respected in their field.  The hands-on sessions were incredibly beneficial and eye opening to what it really means to be a neutral mediator.  The skills I learned will not only help me grow my mediation practice but also taught me how to deal with my litigation clients more effectively.  Thank you again for the amazing opportunity to take part in this incredible learning experience!"

K.C., Family Law Attorney

About FRI

Family Resolution Institute is an education and training company focused on teaching people how to resolve any style or degree of conflict through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) techniques.  We teach processes and techniques for settling disputes without litigation.  Sometimes referred to as Consensual Dispute Resolution, ADR allows those in a dispute, disagreement or conflict to come up with creative solutions that may be better for all involved and that a court may not necessarily be legally allowed to impose.

Meet The Trainers

One of FRI’s differentiators from other mediation trainings is the fact that our trainers are all very seasoned mediators and are actively engaged throughout the entire training. You get personal and immediate feedback from three different angles of expertise. Each of the Family Resolution Institute Trainers brings a unique perspective with decades of mediation and training experience.  Our trainers, Shawn Skillin, Shawn Weber and Robin Seigle provide a high quality, fun and immersive training.