By Shawn Skillin, Esq., Family Resolution Institute Trainer and Co-Founder

My Previous Life

In my first professional life, I was a nurse.  Then I got this crazy idea to go to law school.  As a nurse I worked in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit, I was certified as a critical care nurse and as a trauma resuscitation nurse.  This meant I went to the ER for new trauma’s and went on “Codes” where ever they happened in the hospital.  It was the exciting hardcore stuff and I loved it.

Whemediation careern I went to law school, I thought the equivalent of the hardcore stuff would be litigation.  I mean how bad could it be, no one would die.  Then I started litigating.  I liked it, it was exciting, but it took a toll.  It wasn’t very predictable, there was no policy and procedure manual.  Ask five lawyers (or judges) the same question and I got five different answers.

To make matters worse, I missed the teamwork and camaraderie of the hospital with everyone working together to a common goal.  Divorce lawyers didn’t really work that way…

One of my colleagues suggested I would like a mediation career, so I signed up for a training.  I instantly felt at home.  It felt educational, collaborative, constructive and rewarding to me.  I felt much more in control.

A New Mediation Career

So off I went on a new professional adventure in my new mediation career.  I was in control of my hours and case load, no more ex parte hearings at the last minute, many fewer client crises.  I was educating clients, helping them solve their own problems and I was much happier.  As I attended more training and developed my skills, I became a better listener and learned to let go of the “outcomes”, after all, they belonged to my clients.  I was in charge of the process, they were in charge of the outcome.

What’s more, my new skills translated into other areas of my life.  I was better with my kids, little league and soccer parents and my siblings (a miracle in itself).  I tried to see my Husband’s side of things (warning, limited success here.)

If you are looking for a change in your profession, whether you are a lawyer, mental health professional or financial professional, consider giving a mediation career a try.

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